Sealing Ring For Instant Pot 5 & 6 Quart – 2 White

  • KEEP YOUR PRESSURE COOKER AIRTIGHT & LEAK PROOF – For 5 AND 6 quart models, our Pack of 2 Sealing Rings ensure you always have a second ring on-hand, just like a spare tire, because no pressure cooking can be done without it. Replace every 18-24 months or when deformation is noticed.
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM QUALITY, DURABLE, BPA FREE FOOD-GRADE SILICONE – Because it is FDA-compliant, food-grade silicone is the primary raw material which poses no harm to the environment. It is free from lead and other toxic materials such as BPA. The sturdy silicone construction is designed for longevity and function and does not leach any chemicals.
  • MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR TO FIT SPECIFIC PRESSURE COOKER MODELS – Not meant to be used with other pressure cooker brands and would work best only with the following Pot Models – IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, IP-DUO50, IP-LUX50, Smart-60, IP-CSG60, and IP-CSG50. Using it with other brands like Fagor, Cuisinart, etc. may cause leakage.
  • LOW-MAINTENANCE, EASY TO CLEAN & DISHWASHER SAFE – To eliminate all the spices that are stuck on the ring, simply wash with soap water after each use. If you are cleaning it using a dishwasher, wash it on the top rack.
  • 100% MONEY BACK | SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: It’s a RISK FREE buy. We love our customers and are obsessed with your satisfaction! If you are not happy with the product for any reason, feel free to contact us for a full refund.