12 Pcs Compost Bin Replacement Filters 6-Round 6-Square


  • ODOR- FREE – Housewares Solutions compost bin replacement filters absorb and capture odors in the compost bins, and keep your kitchen fresh and healthy. Now you can collect kitchen waste for your compost pile without creating odors. These activated charcoal carbon filters provide the best solution to trap odors from indoor food waste naturally and effectively.
  • INCLUDES 12 REPLACEMENT FILTTERS – Package includes 6 round and 6 square filters which means you can enjoy over a year’s worth of odor free composting. The round carbon filters are about 6.25 inches in diameter while the square filters are about 4.75 inches in diameter and they can all be trimmed to fit various compost bins. Filters contain charcoal, please do not rinse.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CHARCOAL FILTERS – Compatible with most stainless steel compost pails, these filters are about 10mm in thickness per piece. Made from activated carbon which ensures good absorption and filtration and help hold down smell effectively.
  • EXTRA PEACE OF MIND – Our odor absorbing activated charcoal filters provide extra peace of mind. Adequate ventilation is vital to the decomposition process. That is why these filters have being designed in such a way that they are thick enough to allow enough ventilation to supply fresh air to the decaying compost.
  • EASY TO USE AND REPLACE – You can cut to fit your different needs. It is recommended you change your filter every 2 to 3 months for proper odor control. To replace an old filter, finger pinch to remove and insert a new filter. To remove, simply grab close to the outside edge and begin to pull it out all the way around. To insert new ones simply begin stuffing it in and work your way around the lid. Use a finger to straighten out any part that did not go flat.